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by Gillian Perry, Executive Secretary, National Rowing Foundation, August 4, 2011

THE NATIONAL ROWING FOUNDATION RECYCLES! Every dollar saved on office expense is a dollar earned toward sending USA National Rowing Team athletes to compete in the Olympic Games or World Championships. Thanks Nickbee's! www.natrowing.org

by Auntie M, April 14, 2010

The other day, my printer ran out of black ink right in the middle of a project. It was SO frustrating because it seemed I’d just put a new one in…you know what I’m talking about!

My partner, Bonnie, had told me about a place in Millerton, NY, called NickBee’s, where they refill ink cartridges (it’s next to Little Gates Wines on South Center Street). Like many of you, I’ve always believed (though I’d never experienced it) that the print quality you get when using a refilled cartridge is inferior to using a new one from the manufacturer. I had also heard that using a refilled cartridge would void your printer manufacturer's warranty. According the NickBee’s owners, Nicki Russell and Toby Boyce, neither of those things is true.

“The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act prohibits the manufacturer of the printer from voiding the warranty because you use a refilled or remanufactured cartridge. Printer manufacturers will almost always advise you against refilling. The simple reason for this is that they’d rather have you buy their expensive replacement cartridges and accessories.”
Well “duh” I thought…of course, they’re right!! Why should I support these greedy manufacturers and the Big Box office stores that carry their over-priced ink products when I can get what I need locally… from a locally-owned business?

So…Bonnie took my black cartridge and a color cartridge she needed refilled, to NickBee’s. She brought them in that day and they were done in minutes. They test the cartridge right away and give you a test page. And they give you a 100% money back guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with their service so basically, you’ve got nothing to lose.

We both put the refilled cartridges in our printers and they work beautifully! Oh…and by the way…a new black cartridge usually costs me $15-$20 — color cartridges up to $30. My refill cost $8 and Bonnie’s color cartridge was $14!

There is also another benefit – to the environment — which is fitting this Earth Month. Recycling print cartridges reduces overall waste, preserves the resources and energy it takes to make new ones and saves you money at the same time.

Because NickBee’s refills ink and toner cartridges for all major printer brands of copiers, printers, laser printers and fax machines, it seemed like a no-brainer even from a business point of view, too. So, Joan & Gregg decided we’re going to start recycling our print and laser toner cartridges at all 3 of our Hammertown stores.

Visit NickBee’s next time you run out of ink…and let them know Hammertown sent you! It’s a win-win choice for us and the planet.

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